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The All-Index

The All-Index™ is our annual survey open to any business within a specific global industry that measures diversity, inclusion and belonging across their organisation. All participants get a score of 1-100 upon completion to be used as a baseline and benchmark for strategic and stakeholder planning as well as identifying key aims and objectives for the year ahead and beyond. 
Businesses who are investing in DEI initiatives should start with the All-Index™.

BSI Standard

Organizations overwhelmingly want to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion, but they don’t know where best to start. PAS 1948:2023 is a new practical set of recommendations and considerations to help any size or type of organization develop an effective framework to support DEI in their workplace.
PAS 1948:2023 aims to make it straightforward for the decision-makers and influencers in any organization to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplace.

This in turn benefits organizational:


  • performance and innovation.

  • talent recruitment and retention.

  • product and service development.

  • emerging technology adoption.

  • branding, marketing and advertising.

As a code of practice, this doc takes the form of recommendations and guidance on implementing and executing on your business's DEI strategy and tactics. This code of practice is applicable to, and can be used by any organization of any size, in any sector, anywhere in the world.


Other Research

We are just gathering some of our most useful data and resources to be added. Check back or sign up to our newsletter to be alerted when we’ve added content.

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